What we’re about

For many years before us, around 98% of the food in the MENA region was imported. To this day, that figure is unchanged. With a lack of arable land and a hot, humid climate, fruits and vegetables do not grow very well in the Middle East. When we founded DailyFresh, our mission was to change this. We have worked towards creating a network of hydroponic farms throughout the Middle East so that we can provide the GCC with locally grown, fresh, healthy produce.

Changing the future

We are changing the future of the Middle East, we are creating a future for our children by growing fresh produce, 365 days a year in the desert, and we are succeeding.

Our produce does not vary from the quality of European imports and it hasn’t sat on a boat or aeroplane for days, being battered or bruised. It has been carefully grown, hand picked, and delivered to a store near you within 48 hours.

We understand you

We love the day-to-day operations of the business, but our passion has become educating the citizens and residents of the GCC about the economic and health benefits that our produce brings to the region.